Thursday, January 27, 2011


is all AbouT Our liFE ?? wye we mUslIm and wYe WE doNt prectiC as A MuslIm

and wye they dont appreciate MUslIm?

DON'T judge PoUPLE By tHe CoVer

that thE ReasOn

doNt hear FRom ONE'c SIde

above is ImpoRtant.

Gegendang telinga semakin sakit dengan jeritan batin.. menanti bulan agar menerangi awan supaya mlm tidak KOsonG Dengan rinTik - rINtiK hujan..

supaya huTan MenjaDI hijau seperti hiDup Yg penUH belukar.. supaya hati di temani angIn -anGin sepoi seperTi keinginan Hati YANg meNyeloNGkar.. keSEpian..

goRISAN HAti ...

Monday, January 24, 2011

this my new collection for the modeling that i do for the EvenT in AnGsana johor.

hahahha.. long time don write any story about me in my bLOg i Miss it so much!! wawa

this time i just wan to write my simple story about ... about love and friendship... and wye we need always remember that the gOd is mosTly iMpoRtant
huhu is't all about me my life ..

1 . when love come's is a most beutiful things .. meet each others .. friend then fall in love..

last thing we think how we wan to endup our realations to the beutiful life ..married,

sound so good right..

but is just like a cercle .. happies that we dreem of just like 1.2.3..
so much trouble that we should pretand for any realationship.
but only god that noe how to write how far that one's realations will go..

2. a friendship is a important for some people ,

we meat each others.. take not our own background then.. be our friend to talk to got a IdeA,

take a break.. "im hurt.. u hurt.." im cry u also cry.. bout laugh.. thats a good friendship.. but is that we stiLL Have a FrienD LikE that? lot is a friend just noe how to push from the back..

like ....
u cry... i laught HAhHahHa..
when u hurt ..i will say goods for u because u r deVil. hahahHHAHAHAHAHAH.

wye some people will think like this?? wye the worlds has Change just like 1.2.3??

3. wye islam that has lot people think and make it change??

wye we should leave our god just like 1.2.3??

huhu thats only i like to say to day...